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When Should You Buy a New AC Unit?

Posted on July 5th, 2016

When Should You Buy a New AC Unit?

Replacing your aging air conditioning system with a new one may be something that you are both looking forward to and dreading at the same time. The cost of a new system can be difficult for some budgets to bear, but you may also be eager to enjoy the benefits of a new system. For example, your new air conditioner may be much more energy efficient and therefore more economical to use than your older system.

Determining the Need for a Replacement

A key factor to determine when to buy a new AC relates to your need to buy one. There are several reasons why homeowners may replace an aging system. This includes the desire to have a more energy efficient unit, the desire to have a reliable system that will not break down and general home improvement. For example, you may be preparing your home to list for sale and know that your aging system may pose a problem when you find an interested buyer. When you have determined for certain that you need to buy a new AC system, you may consider the best time of year to make a purchase.

The Best Time of Year to Make a Purchase

Purchasing the new air conditioning system can be done at any time of year, but the best time of year to make a purchase is typically during the off season. There are two reasons for this. First, HVAC technicians generally are less busy, and they may be willing to work for reduced labor charges. The installation of an HVAC unit may take an entire day to complete in some cases, so the labor costs can be a significant aspect of the total cost of the purchase. Second, during the off-season, the demand for HVAC units may be reduced, and you may get a discount on the equipment as a result. Another point to consider is that the you will not need to contend with down time without the use of an HVAC unit during the installation phase during the hottest time of the year when you replace it during the off season.

Replacing an older air conditioner is a major undertaking, and you can enjoy a number of great benefits by doing so. When you need to replace your cooling system, timing the replacement to take place during the off season if possible is generally a preferred strategy to consider.

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